Dreams are realized! 02.2.2019

Dreams are realized!

I have spent this past month in quiet reflection, savoring each moment of this dream come true. After many long and hard […]

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In the Waiting 12.12.2018

In the Waiting

“Every day you see one more card.  You take it on faith, you take it to the heart.  The waiting is the […]

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Gratitude Begets Generosity 11.11.2018

Gratitude Begets Generosity

For me, Thanksgiving marks the official kick-off of the holidays.  It’s one of my favorite days where gathering with family and friends, […]

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Outside The Lines 09.9.2018

Outside The Lines

Peace of Heart Home (POHH) has been built. It is beautiful but the process was messy. It did not go as planned […]

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It Takes a Village 08.8.2018

It Takes a Village

“Recently my inner circle of autism Mom friends have each been attacked by strange and serious autoimmune conditions. Their journeys and mine […]

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Receiving the Other 06.6.2018

Receiving the Other

“Upholding the heart of autism”, is the meaning behind Peace of Heart Community’s logo. Turning listening ears inside out was of what […]

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“Your Corner of the World” 05.5.2018

“Your Corner of the World”

With all of the pressing needs and complex issues in our society, life can seem overwhelming. The power of one seems diminished […]

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Hope is Already in your Garden 04.4.2018

Hope is Already in your Garden

I have lived in Florida 15 years now and Spring here is no where near as definitive as it was where I […]

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A Real Artist Sells Art 03.3.2018

A Real Artist Sells Art

I stood there, eyes wide open, watching Christ being painted in front of me in bold bright colors on canvas of black, […]

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2018 – The Year of the Home! 02.2.2018

2018 – The Year of the Home!

Peace of Heart Home 2017 has marked the “year of the build” for Peace of Heart Home (POHH). Painstaking details to every […]

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