Dreams are realized!

I have spent this past month in quiet reflection, savoring each moment of this dream come true.

After many long and hard fought battles, Peace of Heart Home just celebrated it’s one month mark of serving young women with autism.  I couldn’t have scripted this first month, it has exceeded my wildest expectations!  I truly did not realize how big of a statement POHH was until I saw the first home mate’s reaction of pure JOY as she explored every nook of the house while playing a song titled “home” on her iPad.  This JOY has not relented and spills over to everyone who enters.  To give a person a place where dignity and growth can occur without shame or judgment are essential ingredients for nurturing the soul not only for the person  who has never had this before but for those watching the transformation.  All I can say is the JOY is contagious!

The first 2 home mates expressed they have gone from “a factory for lifeless existence to a safe haven, heaven on earth, a place where one is free to be human and can become a whole person where dreams have come true, and that God saved their souls”.  One summarizes her experience by stating, ”To be free is forever a gift.”

When you walk with someone going through this transformation, you can not help but be impacted.  This is what we call “mutual exchange”.  Facilitators at POHH are just there for that:  to facilitate this transformation and, in doing so, we find ourselves transformed.  This is the heart of Peace of Heart where we realize that by sharing life together we all become more human.  

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