Time Is Everything

“Gentry typed this only 4 months after she began typing to communicate.  Always thinking of her peers that don’t yet have a means to communicate, she shares her wisdom on getting started and how it must be the right timing for the person with autism and their support team.”

By: Gentry Groshell

timing is everything. it has to be right timing to type. you have to be in a right open place in your life. typing is more than talking. it is opening yourself to the idea that this life can give you more. it helps to know the timing is right for everyone around you. if others timing is off you dont have teamwork. teamwork timing is the way to independence. if you dont have timing the real struggle is in the fine tuning the type of future you want. i want independence so my future has hope. i am timing my patience and thanks too. i either want to help the hope in me or timing of my team. you will find hope when timing is right. the time for you is the hard part. i waited many years. the end.

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